Personal Medical Care

Daily Medication

Our nurses can provide support and assistance to help you with your Medication management:

  • Injections: We can give or assist with a variety of injections as ordered by your doctor.  These injections include diabetes, renal disease and Multiple Sclerosis.
  • Eye Drops: We can give or supervise the administration of eye drops pre and post surgery or for infection
  • Tablets: We can give or supervise the administration of a variety of tablets that are ordered by your doctors.  On arrangement with our Program Manager, we can also collect prescriptions from your pharmacy.

Catheter Care

Our team can care for your catheter including catheter changes, managing infections and continence management. We also help educate you about the care of your catheter.

Palliative Care

We can assist you and your family with end of life care of a loved one.

Personal Care

Our RNs provide a range of showering and hygiene services to assist in regaining independence for the long term, after a fall, after surgery or just when you need it most.

Stomal Care

We can assist and educate you in the care of your stoma. We have close links with specialist stoma nurses within the local health service. 

Wound Care

We provide care for a variety of wounds. These include chronic long term wounds and short term wounds. Our team of RNs are specialists who remain updated in the latest clinical techniques.

Wellness Checks

We are able to provide a range of wellness checks, including blood pressure and blood sugars.

Geriatric Assessment PAS / RUDAS

Our RNs can administer assessments for Psychogeriatric Assessment Scales (PAS) and the Rowland Universal Dementia Assessment Scale (RUDAS).