Meet our President - Aaron Keft

What is your role on the NOW Board?
As President I chair the Board meetings and ensure we have a cohesive team that looks after the best interests of Nurses On Wheels.

What is your experience/career path outside of NOW?
I have previously worked in Defence where I was in the Army. After that I joined a small business called Safety Australia Group where I was involved in the consulting side of the business and we successfully started a paramedical business from scratch. Currently I work at Aspen Medical where I provide leadership to the Northern NSW region. We provide over 200 health professionals to support Australian Defence Force members on 15 bases. 

How long have you been volunteering with with NOW?
Over two years.

Why did you chose to be a voluntary board member?
I wanted to give back and also wanted a new challenge. I later found out that the ex-President, Doris, actually looked after my great grandmother back in the day, which I thought was amazing! 

What attracted you to NOW?
The history, being a local boy and the unparalleled potential this great organisation has. 

What motivates you?
I love seeing things grow - it's amazing to see the difference hard work mixed with passion makes. I absolutely love looking back and seeing where we have come from and the great feats we have achieved.

How do you see NOW growing in the next few years?
I see us continuing to put the client at the centre of all our activities. This will allow NOW to grow in ways that we cannot even begin to fathom. 

What is your vision for Nurses on Wheels?
My vision is that NOW grows and continues to provide services to our valuable clients for decades to come. My vision includes new people, new locations, new energy and new positive results. 

Who inspires you and why?
I get inspiration from a lot of things and people. Most recently I was inspired by Turia Pitt who overcame 60% burns on her body to run again. She never let her positiveness and will to live waiver. People like her give me perspective and drive as I know my challenges pale in comparison. Additionally Victoria Cross recipient Cameron Stewart Baird inspires me. His acts of mateship and selflessness drive me to be a better person and to assist those in need around me. 

Who are you outside of work hours? Family, hobbies etc?
I have a few passions which include trekking around the bush to relax, coffee, Krav maga to keep fit [a self-defence system developed for the Israel Defence Forces], hanging out with the family and I love a good shiraz!