2017 Work Place Flu Vaccination

Our Registered Nurses come to you. The flu is much worse than having a cold

People who get the flu will usually need 4-6 days off work; or if they do come to work, their performance suffers to the same extent as if they had been drinking and they risk spreading the flu to other employees.

NOW has been providing annual flu vaccinations to the corporate and business sector since 2014. As a registered charity this enables us to provide a community service, while supplementing our income.

Our nurses are highly trained immunisation professionals who provide a service that is safe, efficient and cost effective.

We travel to your organisation and administer flu vaccinations to your staff at a time, date and venue convenient to you.

Annual vaccination is widely acknowledged as the best protection against stopping the spread of flu. Healthy working adults who were vaccinated against the flu took nearly half the number of sick days compared with those who aren't vaccinated.

If you are thinking about or are currently providing annual flu vaccinations to your staff, please consider using our service. This year we are offering a more comprehensive flu vaccination, which will protect against the four most common circulating influenza viruses. 

Phone Karen Harper on 02 9502 3422 for more information.

 NOW nurse, Lorna Molina, giving a flu shot to employee Alan Carter

NOW nurse, Lorna Molina, giving a flu shot to employee Alan Carter