Getting to know the NOW team: Wendy Chan

 Wendy with her husband Tim

Wendy with her husband Tim

Role: Registered Nurse

Time at Nurses On Wheels: 3 years

What made you become a nurse?

My dad encouraged me to become a Registered Nurse (RN). I started my RN training in Hong Kong after I finished high school. Hong Kong was under British rule at the time, and all my nursing tutors were from England.

After graduation, I worked as a RN in Queen Mary Hospital for two years.

I then I entered Hong Kong Theological Seminary to study Church music and the Bible. I received my Master of Divinity in 1993. I use my Masters in my volunteer work.

Before I migrated to Sydney, I worked in Hong Kong YWCA Nursing Home and Day Care Centre for 15 years.

When did you move to Australia?

My family migrated to Sydney in 2009.

What was your first job in Australia?

I worked as a RN in a nursing home in Sutherland for two years. In 2010 I moved to St George Hospital’s Geriatric Ward where I worked for three years before I joined NOW.

When did you join NOW?

I joined NOW in 2013.

What led you to join NOW?

One of my friends worked as a community nurse in hospital and she said it was challenging and rewarding. As a nurse in hospital you only see your patients for a few days and you don’t know what happen afterwards. As a community nurse you can look after the clients for a period of time until the problems solved and the client is discharged.

What do you like most about working at NOW?

My favourite part of working at NOW is supporting our clients to live in their community.

How do you make use of your Masters in Divinity?

I now volunteer in my local church among the Chinese congregation, running, bible study and promoting Chinese cultural activities such as the mid-Autumn Festival making moon cakes, Chinese New Year making Chinese pan cake and Chinese dumplings.

 Some of Wendy's baking

Some of Wendy's baking

What else do you like to do outside of work?

My family likes fishing and classical music.

 Wendy's children, Sophia and Joseph, love to fish.

Wendy's children, Sophia and Joseph, love to fish.